Teach In On the Quad: Truth and Politics

Learning the responsibilities of dialogue and reason that come with the right of free speech is the focus of an all-day “Teach-In on the Quad” this Friday, March 24. Organized by the Emory chapter of the American Association of University Professors, the event features panels and talks from scholars across disciplines, including both professors and students. All members of the Emory community are invited to drop by at any time for the event which runs from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. in front of the Administration Building on the Quad.

Time Slot Speaker Theme or Title
10:00 Jessica Thompson (ANT) “Why Scientists Should Argue”
Mar Sanchez (NEURO) “Should Scientists Be Activists?”
David Weinshenker (NEURO)

Katherine Bryant

Frank Bove (CDC) Public health, inequality, access
11:00 Amy Aidman [+Tanine Allison, Beretta Smith-Shomade, Hank Klibanoff] (FILM) Media literacy and fake news
12:00 Adriana Chira (HIST) Immigration and human trafficking
Daniel Thompson (ANT) Discourses of foreignness
Tarangini Saxena (MDP), Ray Serrano (Rollins), et al Undocumented and DACA students’ experiences in higher education in the South
1:00 Brandy Simula (SOC, QEP) Strengths and weaknesses of evidence
Shan Mukhtar (ESL) Using evidence in writing
2:00 Rick Doner (POLS) Teaching politics in the Age of Trump
Ben Hertzberg (POLS) “Why Democracy?”
3:00 Lynne Huffer (WGS)
Gyan Pandey (HIST) “The University as Sanctuary”
David Nugent (ANT)
4:00 Jonathan Basile (Comp lit) How grad student unions protect academic freedom
John Lysaker (PHIL) truth and respect for one’s interlocutors